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2 notes St. Paul’s Chapel (Door), Manhattan, NY

My girlfriend took this wonderful picture with her Canon AE-1.

0 notes The BIGBOY.  (Taken with instagram)

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I remember seeing this a while back on Hypebeast, and just a few minutes ago stumbled upon it while in class (don’t judge). It’s a film by Andrew Wonder, which follows Steve Duncan of as he adventures through the NY Subway system. This shit is totally illegal and totally dangerous, which is probably why it attracted me in the first place. I know as a New Yorker or anyone who has rode the MTA trains, you must have wondered at least once what it’s like inside those nasty, dark, dirty tunnels. You have wondered, but honestly no one has the balls to actually do it. This is kinda like your virtual tour without the dangers of being cuffed and put behind bars, so to speak. I watched this and couldn’t help but think about the poor and the homeless who have no where to go. Many of you New Yorkers knows how fucking hot is down there in the station waiting for trains, and this is kind of their only means of shelter and source of heat during those cold winter days. It’s crazy what they have to go through and how much they risk. All in all, it’s just a dope film that I believe is a must watch.