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1 note juliusmarelle. (marble)

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8 notes People have mixed views on this new movement, but I think we can respect the cause. I just wanted to put my spin on it. FUCK KONY. #KONY2012

0 notes Staple x Timberland 7-Hole boot that release at Reed Space, in NYC, Friday and online Today.

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Re-working on something, but I have no idea what that something is.

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I need to reteach myself how to code.

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This is 25% into a design contest I entered for Experience, which is a website for college students looking for entry-level jobs. We were asked to come up with ideas for a mobile (iPhone) application which we would thought would appeal to it’s clients — college students such as myself.
I felt the need to keep it simple, as Apple would, in functionality (swiping and clean transitions from page-to-page), but also making sure it was just as helpful and usable as the desktop version.

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64 notes The missing piece to the puzzle.

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When you find your passion, follow it, and work to your fullest potential and beyond… That’s when you meet success. That’s what I’m going to do. No more bullshittin’.