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4 notes Fucking huge fan and customer of the boy, John Elliott. Here’s a video from GQ on how he started and how to make it in fashion. Villian side-zips, BITCH (Jesse Pinkman voice).

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prettydrippedindiamonds: Loooove your style! Classic and clean

Thanks, appreciate it!

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speakn2xsistence: This is a serious question and I don't know if you get it often or not, but, when you go to the tailor, how do you describe what you want done to your pants? Every tailor I go to, gets it wrong. I saw your photos on tumblr and that's how I would like my pants... (Sorry for asking twice, forgot about questions on tumblr)

If you’re talking about a slimmer fit, then tell the tailor that you want your pants “tapered.” I personally, only get the thigh tapered and then start again below my calf because they are big.

If you’re talking about the length, then that’s simply the hem. 

My tailor pins me up while I’m in the pants which is how it should be done. That way there’s less fuck ups. 

Six Strings and a Drum Machine by
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Still listening to this after the Myspace days.

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Follow Overdeauxis/Maison Obscurite, the new blog after been deleted!

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Hunting Sunday.

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" Taste of New York City: Julius Johnson on the street " - 23 Years old 

Me hugging the block.

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